First Mile ou Last Mile ?

A new theory for territories (2021)

Ongoing project


The objective of the report "Public Policy of Recognition" is to explore the possibilities of orienting a public policy around the principle of recognition. The idea is to overcome the current identity impasse of the French political debate and to identify local and national solutions to respond to feelings of humiliation, relegation and exclusion in society. It is based on a rich but still unknown philosophical corpus in France and is based on field investigations. The ambition is to contribute to establishing new standards for public action and, ultimately, to rebuild an inclusive and republican national narrative.

The report will contain:

  • A cartography of symbolic and structural violences as perceived in the territories. This puts the concept of recognition into perspective
  • An overview of philosophical & sociological knowledge and territorial & social innovation expertise
  • An overview of the territories under study, their convergences and divergences
  • Levers for action for public policies and solutions identified locally to be deployed nationally
  • Elements to feed a national narrative based on the identified levers of recognition (making the “last mile” the first mile)