de Tinguy

Co-founder & Vice-president of Thinkers & Doers
Eudeline is the Co-Founder and Vice-President of Thinkers & Doers.
Eudeline defines herself as a discrete changemaker, as a passionate person who pushes initiatives that help promote the work and actions of front line actors of change. She is a facilitator with a vision to promote “Economy for Humanity”, using the power of Education, Equality of Opportunity, Social Impact and Collective Intelligence to reduce the increasing socio-economics gaps and therefore to contribute to the UN Sustainable Goals by 2030.
Eudeline co-leads Fundraising, negotiations and formalizes partnership agreements with a multitude of public and private partners & sponsors resulting in the co-production of National events and studies. 
  • Areas of Expertise, Research & Solution driven papers : Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusive Growth, Impact Investing, Education, Women Empowerment, Social entrepreneurship & more
  • She developed a number of commercial partnerships in France, in the UAE and in the MENA region.
  • She co-leads Thinkers & Doers international Business Development & Transformation Strategies, setting up prestigious international projects
Eudeline is a Board Member of the “Amis de la Sorbonne” in Abu Dhabi and the Co-Founder of  “Equality for 99%” Board.