Solutions by Design Lab

In a complex world where plans for tomorrow's world must be made now, we must find new ways to address issues differently and quickly. The Lab raises the following question : how to act in an uncertain world, and in a good way?
Which tools, which methods, which partners? And above all, from where do we start?

Here is what our partners, institutions, corporates seem to have in common so far:

  • A need for operationality: to carry out innovative projects but without knowing where to start
  • A need for vision: to respond to strategic challenges without enough visibility on the answers to be offered
  • A need for meaning: to know that a project, no matter how actual it is, is based on solid values that can be narrated
  • A need for “customization“: to leave standardized methods and have a partner consistently looking for strong processes to tackle internal issues 

Beyond their usual needs, these partners may also wish to have :

  • A framework for lasting encounters: meeting and reflecting with diverse profiles mobilized around the same causes or vision, experts in the field as well as academics and young leaders, within the Thinkers & Doers’ network, renowned for its atmosphere of trust and care given to its members
  • A better understanding of tools that are used: experimental design methods which bring intention at the heart of the communication and project tools

Thinkers & Doers Lab meets the need to accelerate the transformation of promising ideas into practical solutions. The Lab offers an answer to people who have ideas and ask ``how to actually do it``.