Lab Tools

Listening Hub

The Lab is always actively listening, receiving your ideas but also those of related circles. It mobilises experts committees, syndicates content (science, advocacy, strong messages). The Lab also listens to those involved through interviews, collective workshops and consultations on a larger scale.


Through the data collected, the Lab creates strategic compasses: it shapes navigation tools, such as position maps or mind maps, to quickly present the data and clarify the strategic and operational actions to be taken. The Lab is both linked to the global vision of your project and to the more specific aspects of field-application.

Impact Maker

In collaboration with Thinkers & Doers, the Lab is a great transmission method. The Lab participates in the circulation of your idea, either by making it easily transferable through the creation of open innovation platforms, or by promoting it to the right partners and the right audiences to give it scale.

Product Owner

Finally, for large-scale projects, the Lab provides coordination resources. For innovative ideas, the Lab is an on-demand project and provides the right logistics and mobilises trust-worthy partners.

Our methods & tools

qualitative & quantitative research / design workshop & facilitation methods / content syndication / applied design research / systemic design / services design / publications / services manuals / detailed terms of services / moderation of meetings, face-to-face and digital workshops / prototyping of solutions and protocols to scale them.