Innovation, ADN Arab

Arab scientific innovation is not just in history books; we also live it in the present. If the Arabs invented arithmetic, allowing world progress in the field of medicine and science in general, we have noticed since the revolutions in the region, a youth energy centered on social innovation. To answer to economic, social, territorial and democratic emergencies, "by design" tools and methods are multiplying. And inspire other regions of the world.

Creation of collective intelligence schools in universities, territorial innovation laboratories, creative cities, scientific innovation festivals, development of ''tech for good'' campuses ... There are many initiatives and synergies to create the world of tomorrow.

The objectives of this program : involved in the Arab world since its creation, Thinkers & Doers developed training cycles and workshops to support the projects of citizens, entrepreneurs and innovation labs. Through masterclasses and ''solutions by design'' workshops, members of Thinkers & Doers’ Lab share and teach the fundamental principles of design and collective intelligence: cognition, information processing, systems design, facilitation and integrity.

Graduates are able to lead organizational transformations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


  • Semi-structured interviews
  • Map of positions and solution horizons 
  • List of “S” indicators and weighting to promote the engagement of financial actors

Ecole Pro Pompidou Centre, EMI/Sciences PO, École des Ponts Business School. 

You are a government, an institution, a company, a city and you would like to join the program, contact us.