From the First Mile

Public policy of recognition: for a new grammar of public action. At the territorial & national level.
''The problem of social injustice is not only the inequality of resources in the globalized liberalism system. Social injustice is in the denial of the recognition of the other, that is to say, in the disregard of the other. To be recognized in one's capacities, that is the essential``.
Paul Ricoeur, ``Soi-même comme un autre``
The ''Public Policy of Recognition: the question of the first mile'' is an initiative of researcher Rachid Benzine. The project started in December 2020. It comprises of applied research to explore the possibilities of orienting a public policy around the principle of recognition. The objective is to suggest local and national solutions to address feelings of humiliation, relegation, discrimination and exclusion in society. It is based on a substantial body of philosophical work that is still little known in France. It is supported by field investigations in Trappes, Maubeuge, Clichy-sous-Bois, Stains, Roubaix and Marseille. The ambition is to contribute to establishing new norms for public action and to reconstruct a more inclusive national narrative.
The objectives of this program are to make the "last mile" the first mile, to link ideas and concepts to tangible solutions and to build a mobilizing national narrative. The project is based on the crossroad between institutions and citizens at the local level and on actions identified by territorial actors through collective intelligence methods.


  • List of “S” indicators and weighting to promote the engagement of financial actors
  • Map of positions and solution horizons 
  • Semi-structured interviews

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