Equality for 99%

Research in progress December 2020 - October 2021
How many women are at the top? How many achieve equality? The fact that a woman heads the IMF, the ECB or a large international industrial group does not change the conditions of the other 99% of women. Feminism is not about ensuring that privileged women can achieve the same salary, the same status as their male counterparts at the top of the social pyramid. That is not equality: it is a kind of parity between inequalities. If we really want an egalitarian society that puts women's rights at the heart of its foundations, we need to transform mentalities more profoundly, institutional structures and the reproductive and discriminatory dynamics of private organizations.
The objectives of this program are to mobilize ambassadors to bring the "Manifesto of the 99%" to international, national and territorial bodies and conferences. The meetings between ambassadors will allow them to make an inventory of existing solutions and to map the forces that are acting, governments, institutions, companies and associations.


  • Create and facilitate an international community of ambassadors mobilized to support the “Equality for 99%” Manifesto 
  • Mapping of the actors involved at the international level
  • Inventory of existing solutions 
  • Guidelines for public policies and integration in organizations
  • Advocacy

United Nations Global Compact Leaders Network, U.N WOMEN. 

You wish to join the program and the groupe “99% equality”, contact us.