“You See?” a roaming and participative exhibition

The objective of this project is to create a system for story collection, for capturing the pulse of the French society which seeks words, stories, colors to meet the other. And to recreate common grounds.

“You see?” is a project about design and politics through an exhibition. Throughout this exhibition, institutions, territories, schools, artists, elected officials show and tell how "design", the language they create and use, is not only a way to attract attention. “You see?” raises the question of the hook - a kind of wake-up call for the one who is supposed to listen - this verbal tic calls for consideration, for recognition. The exhibition “Do you see?” explores the role of design as a vector, as a trigger for looks, for consideration, for conversations, for debates, for political movements or mass mobilizations over the last two decades. Since the Great Recession of 2008, the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, Barack Obama's presidential election, Emmanuel Macron's Grand March, the #metoo hashtag, design has invited itself to the table between leaders and citizens, between the media and activists. Forcing them to see each other. To look at each other. To listen to each other. To position themselves in the conversation. For or against: that is not the question, the dialogue has started. The attention is captured. The change of perception can begin.


In the cities, on election boards, posters, colors, words, symbols, campaigns, installations are pasted. Within this visual labyrinth, the visitor can participate in the creation, via workshops led by artists and designers, and shed light on the themes that she considers important to occupy the public space (employment, education, violence, ecology, health, presence of public service, elections, etc.).

In this didactic display on election boards, the examples chosen are associated with the contributions of the participants (schools, associations, town halls, artists, administrations, cities) and allow to understand the evolution of behaviors and the potential impact generated by the use of design, of language in the public sphere.

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