Our Manifesto

Pandemic, economic crisis, social tensions, democratic destabilization, wars, boom of inequalities, explosion of extreme poverty ... 2020-2030, 10 years that should allow us to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) assigned by the United Nations seem very dark if we observe how the Covid-19 crisis has deepened the inequalities. Are we going to replay the drama of wars and dark periods of history, with the added burden of experiencing environmental cataclysms sweeping away everything in their path in the second half of this century?

The situation looks more alarming every day and it is definitely intolerable to note the enormous opportunities, unmatched in the past, enjoyed by most societies around the world, and the poor performance of governments, institutions and organizations. The failures of our democratic societies and the problems of governance are everywhere, in the private sector as in the public sector.

But we have the power to do better: we can build a better society.

Through the support of international thinkers and doers, our think tank proposes to focus on visions and stories of those who do, think and act differently to reform our societal pillars: markets, corporates, social protection policies and democratic deliberation mechanisms. To think differently. Using collective intelligence methods and consultation platforms, our organization is dedicated to its members, partners and all those who want to bring about change, to create collective actions and design innovative solutions. To act collectively.
We believe in the power of collective actions, in the courage of those who want to make a difference, in the power of action. At a time when new threats weigh on the future, when the political ideologies of the past have all but disappeared, where illusions seem to be vanishing,

The only majority fact that can unit our societies is the pursuit for social justice.